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According to Article 9 of the Law of Ukraine "On Consumer Protection", "The consumer has the right to exchange non-food goods of good quality for similar from the seller from whom it was purchased, if the goods did not satisfy him in shape, size, style, color, size or other reasons cannot be used for its intended purpose. The consumer has the right to exchange goods of proper quality within fourteen days, not counting the day of purchase. The exchange of goods of proper quality is carried out if it has not been used and if its good appearance, consumer properties, seals, labels, as well as the settlement document issued to the consumer together with the sold goods are preserved.

Only a new product that has no traces of use is subject to exchange or return: abrasions, contamination, etc. The goods must be returned complete, with a label, in its original packaging, with factory markings, and accompanying documents.

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С помощью уведомлений о заказе можно не только получать актуальную информацию по заказу, но и иметь быстрый канал связи с магазином